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Minimum: $1 Maximum: $5


Minimum: $10 Maximum: $50


Minimum: $15 Maximum: $100


Minimum: $25 Maximum: $1000

Easy to Use, Easy to Profit

When you sign up with Ltd, you don't need to have any investment or betting experience; we've done all of the work for you! Just make a deposit into the system, let our proprietary software utilize the sure-betting market to get you the results you want. Ltd is your simple and successful option to start your sports betting carrier off on the right foot. Join us and see why more sports bettors and successful investors are turning to Ltd today.

Sports Betting Made Easy!

Do you want an investment platform that virtually guarantees your success? How about we throw in the fact that it's easy to join and you can start investing today with little to no experience? Introducing Ltd, the only online investment platform designed solely for the sports bettor.

Operating globally, Ltd is the United Kingdom based online sports betting platform where you, the investor, can start your sports betting career with little risk and big rewards. Ltd was founded by a group of professional sports bettors and advantage players and offers a wide range of investment opportunities based on its unique sure-betting and value-betting bookmaking systems. Our unique bookmaking platform instantly finds and bets on matches which guarantee a realistic profit regardless of the resulting score. It couldn't be any easier to become successful at sports betting than it is Ltd.

Sign up today and start making money now!

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